It is a tool designed to allow operations in different financial markets. In this platform you can carry out successful operations online

using any electronic equipment or mobile devices such as computers, tablets and cell phones, among others.

*There are many benefits to using this tool because apart from allowing you to work with Forex elements, this platform also allows trading with future and stock options.

There are different ways and methods of carrying out the commercial activity.

-There are four order execution regimes that can be supported by the platform, which can be:

execution by market, execution by market, instant execution and execution by stock market.

The Trader has available all types of orders available, including market, pending and stop orders.


This variety of orders and modes of execution, give the facility and allow the user to perform any type of operation or commercial strategy to operate successfully in the market of stocks and currencies.

This commercial platform has powerful analytical algorithms. In the analysis of currency prices, the program counts or offers 82 different tools, including technical indicators and graphic objectives.

The platform’s analytical database is not limited to the built-in technical indicators but also allows you to use the database and access the commercial application stores.

Simply put, using this tool we can develop any commercial strategy as if we were expert advisors

which allows the platform to automatically trade for you and get better results. By correctly programming the platform, Algorithmic Trading can be quickly identified and tracked

so that you can react quickly and effectively to changes in the market. In this platform you can find everything you need for a personalized development,

as well as a powerful individual language that interacts with the integrated development environment, multi-currency testers to experiment, test

analyze and optimize the strategies implemented so that the most adequate and the one that best suits what we want.


The Smart mobile devices play a very important role and are essential when you are away from your main computer

because they exist and you can use special versions of the platform compatible with each of these mobile devices, and so on.

This way you can access and operate in the financial markets from wherever you are. The functional features of the special mobile applications allow you to have at your disposal full support of all commercial options and best of all

it allows you to operate from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. Additionally you can have access to news and information related to financial markets

as well as interact with messages or emails with members of the most popular community of MQL5 traders.

Additionally this platform also offers many additional services.

If you do not have time to operate on your own, you can copy the operations of an experienced trader and the platform will start repeating the operations of the provider in your account.


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