By combining the interests with a series of powerful skills of 1000, marking and copy way between the lines that form two facets of the essence of The Partners

trying on the one hand specific issues within the business sector, and becoming, for a person of reference in the modern professional world big

Data as market research as finance, international communication are some of the many opportunities, olx a profile with infinite opportunities.

Through the diversity of knowledge provided by having 2nd, will be able to lead

El Progreso current business environment, demonstrating a great ability to successfully address different perspectives


and thus becoming a 21st century professional with the necessary skills to solve any complex problem.


With all this, as you will have the ability to lead your future professional career to New Horizons, since you will only be a leader in

your area of ​​expertise, you will also become an expert in dealing with clients and internal policies of the company.

boost your career through the solid combination between general management while continuing to develop your skills in the area

that you are passionate about the possibility of combining the International MVA with a variety of specialties in order to give you everything you need to succeed in law and finance

international relations and much more transform your business through the latest developments in

Big Data

transforms the experience of users and customers developing products, and innovative brands explores the growing relationship

between business management and the development of modern cities discover and understand the in current global lathe. What good prey gets sustainable results.

Adopt a global vision of the management area pulse become La Voz leader of your company. understand the ages of the key investors in your organization.

liberates international states transforms the place of work. discover new professional trajectories in the area

of ​​human resources and business is the leader in the digital transformation by combining the business world with the technological world.

Prepare to transform the business activity of any sector by becoming a leader. Audacious and innovative the team works to promote the professional development of our graduates

in close contact with them and with the companies, depending on their experience and their career plans.


The advantages of doing a double degree because it allows Professionals to understand new

environments and business models even provides them with facilities to work in another country once the MBA is finished.

While professionals can study the first two postgraduate periods in any country the third and fourth will do in any of the available entities

at an academic level of excellence in other countries do a double degree allows the participant to alternate a graduate program between two business schools of first level 1

local and another foreign it will allow you to enrich – global markets and know the best practices of the best companies in the world is to

confront other teaching methods, exchange with people who have different experiences and grow as people


Thanks to all these advantages, an MBA with a double degree widens the analysis capacity of the participants.

It interacts in new environments, ignites other business models and responds to situations that are not always born in the national market.

Another advantage is that it represents a solid network of international contacts. Likewise,

symantec give international value to your resume becoming a more attractive professional for personnel selection processes.

At the end of your studies the participant receives a recognized master’s degree in his country where he studied and a recognized master’s

degree in a market developing this also means having a mastery in at a more economical cost. In addition to all the cultural and academic

benefits that can be obtained through a double degree, this program generates prestige, reputation, the value of a professional in the labor market.

You have the option of staying abroad without paying the fee at the destination university. Whether you are an exchange student or a double degree

the student takes postgraduate courses in management and business management at the host university.

In those formats, these courses are validated by the university and count as credits to complete the program.


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