In the area of ​​negative aspects in the measure, the role of the big datas will be very important a master’s degree analysis of the ability to translate it into statistics and analysis into action.

No, if you can open a denial of feelings in a room that covers the curriculum of Hulk the Teachers, the theory and the toast for you in order to apply to a real-world office and plan it

based on the consultation of a director. world’s most important executives and our professors have a lot of business experience in the real world.

Participate in the Challenge Challenge The authorizations will have the theoretical principle to solve real problems in the program

in the home camps to take care of yourself in San Francisco and they will open for you if you open a meeting to learn about the mutual search.


Professional names most loaned in Big Data bright Minds also accompany the classroom or class with professors who have worked for global companies such as Bonafont experts in

international professional careers and we work with you for professional professional professional customized for technical staff to have a performance in the exchange and learn

how to put into practice the key concepts so that learning has an impact on your professional goals as a complete evaluation before reaching

the identity of your own strengths and weaknesses then if you associate with a tutor to interpret the r Results that will be fundamentally for your course.

The characteristics of the people who work in the field of current education are the following. An Innovation,

Academic and No value format that guarantees the best learning (master classes, workshop practices, case method …).

Factors such as the globalization of brands, the personalization of the people of the moment and access to the information where they reside here and the consumer,

also produce challenges and opportunities to the maximum if they use the Internet of things to generate great information.

whose control in real time has marked a before and after in the business world.


The title that is conferred for an inclusive, applied and critical educational formation in a field that, today,

in the construction and growth phase, is the proper title of the University of Salamanca that was born as a result of the growing

digitization and transformations of the world of organizations aims to reach a demand that arises at the moment and,

hotter than academic offers at national and international level have not responded in organizations and industrial sectors undergoes a transformation as a result of the growing

amount of data and information available that modifies the activities and classic organizational functions,

as well as the functions of the public top management for this reason, it is essential to bet, from the universities for a whole avant-garde and innovative training

in the field of the analysis of data treatment applied to the new context of economic transformation


And organizational to the new models as a result of this large amount of data as well as this knowledge adjusted

to the advance of knowledge of various manifestations is emerging as oneof the major economic sectors of the future

or is the amount of data that human beings pour organizations has grown exponentially in recent years in this regard the existing offer is mainly

focused on the technological dimension of this function without considering the organizational dimensions or focus

on the company without considering other organizations the master part ofa prior knowledge the own

Master will offer in a phase cremaster of introduction to the programming, and mathematics and algorithms this will cover formative deficiencies

according to the profile of origin of the students, how to level the contents later, an applied vision of the diverse

techniques of massive data analysis and no more In which advanced knowledge of applied statistics neural data mining and econometric analysis will be taught will be considered as a

tool and are not an end in it, rather than allowing a rigorous application of contextualized criticism to the practical theoretical framework of organizations.


content is innovative regarding the organization of the contents of other national and international training offers Similarly,

the program of limitations on the use of data together with the introduction of the epitemological and methodological aspects of knowledge generation constitutes an innovative proposal

regarding the existing offer finally how the contents related to the decision making in the field of the organizations

the master that is presented in a high academic interest for the relevance of this program for the University of Salamanca and for the organizations both of a public nature

public as well as lucrative as non-profit. Students will come from many different fields such as the field of science, Inge the economy and business management and will also be useful for

social scientists the most directed to all those students interested in knowing and applying the variety of analysis methodologies following the procedures and scientific methods in the context

of organizations that transcend the purely romatic crematist in balloon type of institutions such as non-profit organizations and public institutions that are also the subject of this transformation

of the digital economy at present is a very novel program regarding the existing offer inside and outside

the University of Salamanca and complements the academic offer to the university of the same


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