Bitcoin currency, the world is in constant changes, that is why different virtual channels have emerged that allow us to generate money online.


We define this term as a virtual currency that operates electronically and allows us to exchange or acquire products and services. It is a decentralized currency because there is no one who controls it or owns it.

A major university in Chile provides us with the following: bitcoin is like a virtual wallet that, according to the operations carried out, increases your profit or discounts your spending.

Each person who makes transactions with bitcoin must know, that they must have their keyword in this case (cryptography), this allows them to identify it from others, since this way they can upload the transactions to their respective users.

If we do not have this key, we cannot carry out our operations with bitcoin, however, not only having this is necessary, it must also be verified and approved in the system in order to operate.


Before starting to use this virtual currency, the user must have an electronic wallet and have two keys to carry out the transactions.
The most important thing is that you can operate from cell phones, tablets and computers as long as you have internet access.


  • It does not belong to any city or country.
  • It does not have an owner.
  • Accounts are not frozen.
  • It is not required to show your identification at the time of operation.
  • Since you have your password, nobody can plagiarize or impersonate our identity.
  • It handles high prices.


Despite the advantages and disadvantages that this new virtual currency has emerged, the user must take into account all the instruments necessary to operate with these platforms.

Some of its advantages are: you can work from the comfort of your home, it is not required to meet hours, you work from your electronic device and it is a new tool to generate quick and easy money taking into account its guidelines.
In its disadvantages we find: that bitcoin does not have any legal representative, the money that we are generating we have it in the virtual platform, it generates distrust when making any deposit.

However, and regardless of what they say, currently there are many testimonies of people who are operating with it and it has done very well with their transactions, as everything in life there are their profits and losses, but they are things that happen in the daily live.

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