Virtual coins have been created approximately since 2009, their main objective is to promote payments and money exchange through operations carried out over the internet.

Technological advances drove the creation of new machinery, but all of this served for different sectors to include advances in their systems. It is at this moment that virtual money emerged as the best financial alternative.

But, what is virtual coins?

Basically, it is money that will always live in the network, that is, you have it, but you will never touch it. They allow people to make more secure transactions, one of the important things is that there is no need for intermediaries to carry out the movements.
In many countries, virtual money is not regulated, which is why it is free to decide who uses it, therefore, establishments are not obliged to receive virtual money as a form of payment.

How do virtual currencies work?

This system uses virtual information and virtual graphics in order to guarantee a secure transaction system, thus seeking to minimize the opportunity for scam.

The exchange of virtual money or currencies is similar to the sending of an email, that is why anyone can enter the new world of virtual finance since its use is basic.

To start using it, you should look for an online system that allows us to store the money to be purchased, these storages are known as virtual wallets or purses.

Thanks to cryptographic or codes, transfers from one wallet to another are allowed, it is important to mention that once the transaction has been made, it cannot be reversed.

The transactions guarantee the speed and confidentiality of people, that is, all the accounts that are created are not related to the identity in the real world of the user who is using it.

Its use is not only limited to borders, for having an online management it transcends borders and can reach any corner of the world. Regardless of where you are, you only need a device connected to the internet to start financial movements.
It is important to keep in mind that currently there are no laws that regulate its use, that is why, over time, those in charge of the financial state of the world try to go deeper into the world of virtual money, in order to put regulations on its use and movements.

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